Friday, June 3, 2016

6-3-16 card 2

As promised the other card for today....I got to say this one REALLY speaks to me as I am having some money issues and also looking for a better way to have a good income outside of the corporate world so I have more time to volunteer and such. I went to the beach tonight to document the mess as I am on the neighborhood watch here and we need photos and such to get a clean ocean action grant. So here I already did what the card said before looking it up!  never underestimate the powers of the angles who watch over us........

With Love and in the Light, Cassie


You have a strong bond with the fairies, and your life purpose involves helping Mother Nature
You drew this card because the fairies wanted to let you know that they’re with you as spirit guides, helping you meet your physical needs and fulfill your life’s purpose. The fairies urge you to spend time outdoors and help with their mission of cleaning the soil, water, and air. They also protect and guide the animals. If you’d like a Divine assignment helping animals or Mother Nature, just ask the fairies! This card also indicates that you’re interested in manifesting money or some other material support. The magical fairies are very glad to assist in your endeavor, provided that you return the favor by doing something good for the environment, such as recycling bottles and cans, or switching to ecofriendly cleaning supplies.
Action Steps:
Go to an area outdoors where trees and plants grow wild without pruning or pesticides. This is the fairies’ preferred location. In all sincerity, say to the fairies:
“I would like to feel and see your presence. Can you please help me get to know you better?” You’ll know you’ve connected with the fairies when you notice idea or impulses that involve improving the environment or helping animals. Often The fairies begin their introduction to a new person by requesting that you remove garbage from a nearby pasture or nature trail. Once you fulfill the fairies request, they’ll gladly help you with your endeavor in return!