Wednesday, June 8, 2016


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What do you desire right now? Visualize it, and it will come about. Negativity will block your process.
You have been asking the Universe and the angels, 'What is next for me?' Yet, we have been waiting for you to make that decision for yourself! That is why you have felt stuck lately. This impasse occurs because you are afraid of making a 'wrong' decision. We can help you to decide, but ultimately, the next chapter of your life is up to you. This is a period of your life that is unscripted.
Your desires are like a painting that you create upon the canvas of your life. Like an artist, you must decide what the theme, background, and foreground will be within your picture. Take some time out to meditate, pray upon, and contemplate this important decision. Be creative, and maintain standards for yourself. But remember: If you don't make a decision, that's the same thing as deciding that everything shall remain the same.

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