Saturday, July 9, 2016


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Visualise Success
See yourself doing well in this situation, and have faith in a positive outcome.
The Angels want to boost your confidence and relieve you of worries about this situation.
Part of this process involves holding positive visions for yourself and others.
When you expect the best, you inspire the best in yourself and others.
The situation you’re inquiring about depends on your faith in, and a firm vision of a successful outcome.
Fortunately Angels can help you hold a high and clear vision of success.
Just ask them for this help, and it is done.
Action Steps
It’s easiest to visualise success if you have a ‘focal point’, which means something to stare at that acts like a blank canvas upon which you paint your visualisation.
The flame of a white candle makes a wonderful focal point.
Relax while staring at a lit white candle, and imagine yourself in the actual situation doing beautifully well.
See and feel everyone involved as smiling, happy, and fulfilled.
Allow yourself to feel safe and secure in your stomach and all throughout your mind and body.
Give any concerns about how this positive outcome will occur to God and the Angels.
The ‘how’ is taken care of by God’s infinite wisdom and love.

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