Thursday, August 25, 2016


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Archangel Uriel  
“Your emotions are healing, which enables you to open up to greater love. I will help you release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind.”

I am called the Psychologist Angel because I help to heal toxins from people’s thoughts and emotions. I am especially able to release stubborn anger and unforgiveness. I am with you right now to clear away such toxins. I would also like to work with you to help others clear away such toxins. I would also like to work with you to help others clear away their emotional and psychological blocks.
My healing work is subtle. I never force it on anyone. Like you, I believe that it is best to wait until someone approaches me and directly requests guidance or assistance. Then, I simply and lovingly ask them to be willing to release toxins from their mind and heart. If they are willing to do so, then the release will occur. In this way, the person retains their dignity and control, while choosing to be clear of lower energies.


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