Friday, May 30, 2014

5-30-14 evening card

Have faith and hope, because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you can't yet see.


The seeds that you have planted are beginning to sprout results. You may not even be aware of these results, however, since they are in their infancy. Now it is more important than ever to stay positive, and to hold a clear vision of your desire and intention. Avoid sceptics or those with negative mind-sets.
Daily action - even if it only consists of baby steps - toward the fruitition of your dream is essential. A phone call, a letter, or reading relevant material will keep the energy of your manifestation at a high level. Every day, positively affirm that you have already achieved or exceeded your dream. And most important, ask for angelic assistance every step of the way.

*Note from Cassie*
I've been meaning to get this new deck of cards typed up so that I could share them with you and I finally found a site where they are already! So I wanted to start sometimes pulling an evening card to ease us into our slumbers in peace. This first card is a good one! So go to sleep not in worry but in joyful hope of better days ahead.

With Love and in the light, Cassie