Friday, May 13, 2016


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Cut Your Cords

Card Meaning:  Ask Archangel Michael to clear any old attachments to fear that stem from past relationships, freeing you from destructive patterns.
You drew this card because negativity connected to a past relationship is interfering with the situation you’ve inquired about.  Fortunately, this toxic energy can be easily vanquished with the help of Archangel Michael, a powerful angel who will release you from the effects of fear.
Anytime you or your partner experience fear within your relationship, a cord (similar to a leash made out of hollow tubing) is attached to both of you.  You may have cords (most people do) connecting you to your parents (living or deceased), siblings, lovers, those whom you’ve helped, such as students or clients, and anyone with whom you’ve shared a significant relationship.  Cords are nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.  They just need to be cut, as they can drain your energy and be the culprit behind physical pain.
Action Steps:
Think of a question or situation that you would like help with.  Then say aloud or silently:
“Archangel Michael, I call upon you now.  Please cut the cords of fear that have been blocking or draining me in the past.  I am now willing to trade all pain for peace.”
If you think of a specific person during this process, ask Michael to help you release the fear from that relationship.  You’ll feel your body shudder as cords are cut one by one.  Don’t worry; you can’t sever cords of love.  Repeat this process anytime you feel drained or blocked, as cords can grow back if fear returns to the relationship.
This card was drawn from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

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